Our Mission

MYTHIRDPLACE cultivates mentoring environments so that teens are equipped to revitalize their communities and become thriving adults.


Mentoring environments are places, spaces, and times that are intentionally designed to facilitate the initiation and development of mentoring relationships between an adult mentor and a young person. At MYTHIRDPLACE, each of our programs are mentoring environments (ie. after-school program, special events, one-on-one mentoring, and more).


Revitalizing one’s community looks like 1) identifying areas of strength (ie. cultural pride, loyalty, multilingualism, being hardworking, etc.), 2) identifying areas of dysfunction (ie. poverty, homelessness, drug use, fatherlessness, teen pregnancy, etc.), and 3) living lives and contributing to our communities in such a way that the cycles of dysfunction are broken and the areas of strength are strengthened and multiplied across every generation and population in the community.


We define being a holistically thriving adult as being emotionally, relationally, spiritually, physically, economically, and mentally healthy. A holistically thriving adult will have whole and healthy relationships with themselves, their friends, families, and communities, and God.


Our Vision

To Engage 1000 youth in mentoring relationships by 2023.


Mentoring relationships are relationships where an older, more experienced person is present and consistent in the life of a younger, less experienced person and gives that person love, support, guidance, and accountability. Our vision to engage 1000 youth in mentoring relationships will be not only through direct impact through our own programs, but also through partnering, equipping, and engaging with other organizations and groups across our region to ensure that every teen has access to a variety of opportunities for mentoring relationships.

Our Concept







Ray Oldenburg, a sociologist and author of “The Good, Great Place,” coined the term ‘Third Place’, and was first to introduce the concept. He suggests the idea that each person lives in three places. The first place is home, the second is school or work, and the third is wherever we live life outside of the first two. While the first two places are already determined for us, we choose our third place. Examples of a third place could include a local coffee shop, a bar, the streets, or even some forms of social media. All three places are intimately connected, such that positive change in one place will result in positive transformation in the others.

We want to provide and connect teens with safe, alternative third places for them to wrestle with their questions, discover who they are, and explore life. We fully understand the importance of education in the lives of our teens and we provide some academic support. However, MYTHIRDPLACE focuses on transformation of the hearts, minds, and souls of youth through mentoring as opposed to just academic growth. Instead of simply modifying behavior, we aim for change that is internal and pervasive in every aspect of our teens’ lives. This is the heart of what we do through mentoring at MYTHIRDPLACE.


All teens need a place to learn and grow where people will love, support, encourage, and walk through life with them. Studies show that teens in these mentoring relationships are more confident in their schoolwork performance, have healthier relationships with their families, and are significantly less likely to use drugs/alcohol and skip school. However, as we looked across the various resources that existed in Azusa in the summer of 2013, we recognized that there were no spaces designed to foster the holistic mentoring teens need to thrive in every area of life and revitalize their communities.

Our faith in God and love for our community moved us to start MYTHIRDPLACE in August 2013 to ensure that every teen in the Azusa area had the opportunity to experience life-changing mentoring. When we started, our focus was on providing an after-school environment to meet teens during the prime hours of 3-6pm when they are most likely to be unsupervised, bored, and/or lonely. We also opened space once a week for interested teens from every walk of life to explore their faith in God in a place where they would be unconditionally loved and accepted. By providing a space and time for teens to engage in a variety of relevant and engaging conversations and activities, we ensured that any teen walking through our doors had the opportunity to grow alongside loving mentors. In the years following, we have widened our scope to create multiple environments for mentoring to take place, including monthly events, an enriching summer program, piloting a One-On-One Mentoring Program, and more. 

We look forward to continuing to expand both our services and our partnerships in the years to come. What started as a desire to create an after-school mentoring environment has multiplied to championing a mentoring movement not only through our own programs but through the education and empowerment of other local third place environments to provide holistic mentoring to the teens they serve.

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